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njRAT also is known as the Bladabindi. It is a remote access Trojan that allows the holder of a particular program to have control over the end user’s computer system. njRAT Free Download came into being on June 2013 with some of its variants being traced back to November 2012.

A hacking organization, by the name of Sparcly Heason from different countries, made the NjRAT where it was used against targets in the Middle East. Moreover, this can be spread via infected drives and phishing. The Microsoft malware protection de4dot center has rated RJ rat to be severe. Below we will be showing you a njRAT tutorial and how to install it.

What is njRAT?

njRAT attacks started reported in India in 2014. To disable the capabilities of njRAT, 4 million websites were taken down by Microsoft in 2014 in an attempt to filter traffic through no-ip.com domains.

In 2016, it was reported that Softpedia spam campaigns are spreading remote access Trojans such as the njRAT with the purpose to target the software (discord). In 2016 again Softpedia said about an appearance of a cracked VMware download that might download the njRAT through Paste-Bin. If the process is terminated, it would, however, crash the computer system.

Then in 2017, an Islamic website was hacked to display a fake Adobe Flash Player update download which instead downloaded the njRAT Trojan.

njRAT comes with the following features:

  • njRAT is capable of going inside the desktop or active windows of the user/victim.
  • It’s able to see the victim’s full computer name, his IP, full username, the operating system, install date and the country to which it belongs
  • It can execute remotely a file from disk or even URL
  • It can manipulate files
  • It can open the remote shell the allows the attacker to use the command line
  • It can open a process manager to kill the processors
  • It is also able to manipulate the entire system registry
  • It can record the computer system’s microphone and camera
  • It can log keystrokes
  • It can steal passwords that are there stored in browsers and other apps.

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