Antidetect 6.5 Browser FREE DOWNLOAD 2021

Antidetect allows users to very quickly and easily change components of their system to avoid broswer fingerprinting, including the browser type (Safari, IE, Chrome, etc.), version, language, user agent, Adobe Flash version, number and type of other plugins, as well as operating system settings such as OS and processor type, time zone and screen resolution.

– Change User Agent
– Change App Version
– Change OS-CPU
– Change Build-ID
– Change OS Version
– Change UA Version
– Change Header
– Change System Language
– Change HDD Serial Number
– Change Video Card Name
– Change Flash Version
– Change Browser’s Type
– Change Browser’s Plugin
– Change App Name
– Change Screen Resolution
– Change System Time Zone

Browser Fingerprint BeatingWith Antidetect you can change your http headers; javascript objects: full replacement of screen.*, navigator.*, plugins.*, mimeTypes.*, imitation of many functions like WebRTCPeerConnection(), battery(), geoLocation and many many others; flash data like language, screen dimensions, OS name, flash fonts; CSS Fonts. It have great manual so even novice in security world can start to use the product. On main window of program you can control your cryptcontainer, choose which browser you want to use as base. After this you need to decide, do you want to use antidetect or not. If yes, you should also have some configs to work with.
Config – it is a set of javascript files, grabbed with a special method from real browser. We have special configshop and everyday update it with quality traffic.We have new important changes. Addon changes:
– recoded javascript overrider engine
– improved time of work
– changed main function of software, really 🙂
– new addon control panel (very useful!!), you can see there short config brief, change webRTC ip on-fly, enable ip changing monitoring
– collection of detect to test your config


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